Remembering Gavin on his anniversary

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Today we are marking the first anniversary of the death of Gavin Hawke and thinking of all those who grieve for him.

Gavin had a two-month-old baby girl, Evelyn, and had only been married for six weeks to Alisha, when an MRI scan revealed a tumour on his spine which had spread along the whole spinal column and metastasised to his brain, in March 2019.

It followed a decade of back pain that worsened shortly before his diagnosis, with pins and needles in his left leg.

Brain Tumour Research supporter Alisha Hawke on her wedding day with newborn baby Evelyn and husband Gavin who died of an ependymoma

Previously a fit and healthy 44-year-old who loved karate and water sports, Gavin, from Cornwall, underwent a debulking surgery which confirmed he had an incurable and rare ependymoma.

After a course of radiotherapy, he and Alisha were thrilled to welcome a second daughter, Elizah, in September 2021, after concerns that the treatment could have impacted their chances of conceiving.

Gavin’s cancer remained stable until September 2022, when a routine scan showed new growth in his spine and, despite chemotherapy, he continued to deteriorate until he passed away in March 2023.

Gavin is remembered as a wonderfully loving husband and father, who wanted to raise awareness of this devastating disease.

We send our love to all who knew Gavin and especially to Alisha, Evelyn and Elizah.

You can help to fund the fight against brain tumours by making a regular or one-off donation. Together we will find a cure.

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