Partnership to fight childhood cancers

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Today we are proud to announce a collaboration with two other leading cancer charities to improve the lives of children diagnosed with cancer.

Brain Tumour Research, along with Leukaemia UK and Sarcoma UK are working together as to make real progress in the treatment and cure of childhood cancer.

Launched to mark the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, this pioneering collaboration is dedicated to funding groundbreaking research into the prevention, treatment and cure of the most common childhood cancers. Together, brain tumours, leukaemia and sarcomas make up 78% of all cancers in children.

We3can is inviting companies, individuals, and organisations to support this vital work, and plans to raise funds through donations, events, and sponsorship, including opportunities to partner with the collaboration.

Dan Knowles, Chief Executive of Brain Tumour Research, along with Chief Executives Fiona Hazell and Richard Davidson of Leukaemia UK and Sarcoma UK respectively, said: “We are delighted to announce the we3can collaboration and are committed to funding vital research to help families affected by brain tumours, leukaemia and sarcomas.  

“Together these three cancers make up 78% of all cancers in kids. We look forward to working with partners to accelerate world-class research into kinder, less toxic treatments for these cancers. By working together, we can help save lives and ensure that more kids with cancer can have a carefree childhood and a future.”  

Brain Tumour Research believes that by fundraising together, particularly with corporate partners, we will be more powerful and more successful than working alone and hope that this venture will accelerate better, kinder treatments for children with cancer.

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