Mum’s plea for greater research investment

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A solo mum who says it’s “too late” for her after she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer is backing our petition for more research funding. 

After being told she could have as little as two years to live following her diagnosis with a glioblastoma (GBM) in October, Emma Postance had to make plans for her two-year-old daughter, Alice’s, future. 

Single mum Emma said: “I asked the consultant if this thing is going to get me and without hesitation they answered yes. Maybe two years, maybe a little less or it could be more. All I could picture was my then one-year-old daughter who was likely to become an orphan by the time she started school.”  

She has had surgery, followed by gruelling radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Having exhausted the NHS standard of care currently available to brain cancer patients, Emma has been “forced” to fund private treatment in Germany, raising more than £60,000. 

“I wasn’t going to sit and wait for the cancer to come back. I’ve been angry and frustrated that treatment in the UK is so limited. This is because the Government hasn’t prioritised the research funding into brain tumours like they promised,” Emma explained. 

She is now urging people to sign our petition calling for increased research investment. We have just four days left to achieve 100,000 signatures in the hope of prompting a parliamentary debate.  

“I’ve learned that there is no one size fits all when it comes to the treatment of brain tumours. Glioblastoma is a disease so deadly it’s known as ‘the terminator’ in the medical world. It’s a fast-growing brain cancer that can affect anyone at any age, and comes with a grim prognosis. They are complex which means to understand how to treat and cure them, we need the funding to research the disease,” Emma added. 

Please sign our petition now if you haven’t already done so and share as widely as you can. 

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