Can you help us Light up the UK?

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You can help light up the UK for brain tumours this March to help raise vital awareness of this devastating disease.

From venues as far north as Lerwick Town Hall in the Shetlands to Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower in the south, Belfast City Hall in the west to Colchester City Hall in the East, as well as the iconic Blackpool Tower and the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, last year more than 50 buildings and landmarks across the UK lit up in our signature pink or pink and yellow, either on Wear A Hat Day or another day during Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

Thanks to Rory Burke for Leeds City Hall last year

This year, with your help, we aim to go bigger and better to raise awareness of the brain tumour cause. As well as shining bright for brain tumours, we hope to hold events and collections outside the lit-up landmarks and make lots of noise on social media using the hashtags #WearAHatDay and #BrainTumours.

Nikki Hopkins asked for Scunthorpe’s Church Square to be lit up

Could you help us Light up the UK and get your local landmarks involved? Whether it’s a tower, bridge, church, museum, town hall or library – or any other building or venue you can find –  we can provide a template email for your use. For more information, please email

Together we will find a cure.

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