Brain Tumour Research meets Scottish Shadow Health team

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Brain Tumour Research Patron Theo Burrell and Policy and Public Affairs Manager Thomas Brayford met with members of Labour’s Shadow Health team in Scotland yesterday (29th February).

The meeting with Paul Sweeney MSP and Carol Mochan MSP focused on the impact of a brain tumour diagnosis for patients living in Scotland.

Mr Sweeney said he was “shocked by the figures” for brain tumour survival. Brain tumour survival remains low and has changed little in over a generation. Just 12.9% of those diagnosed with a brain tumour survive beyond five years compared with an average 54% across all cancers. Ms Mochan thought it important that government supports a more research active NHS, where professionals can develop imaginative solutions for devastating diseases such as brain tumours.

Theo shared her own brain tumour story. She told the MSPs about her struggles getting a diagnosis, the side-effects of the treatment and surgery, and the impact of the brain tumour diagnosis on her family. Theo also extended an invitation to next month’s Scottish Parliament Reception, taking place on Thursday 14th March 2024.

Last year, we welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s Cancer Strategy. In particular, the plan to focus on the cancer types that are the largest burden and have poorer survival – such as brain tumours. We also supported the vision of creating equitable access to clinical trials and ensuring that health professionals are allocated research time and are given adequate laboratory support. These commitments need actioning now.

Following the meeting Thomas said: “Today’s meeting was another step in the right direction for the brain tumour community in Scotland. It remains vital that Scottish policy makers recognise brain tumours as a clinical priority and advocate for more funding into brain tumour research. Research investment will lead to innovation and clinical trials, resulting in new knowledge, new techniques, new therapeutics and improved options for patients. We look forward to working with the Scottish Government to move the Cancer Strategy forward and improve outcomes for brain tumour patients.”

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