Brain Tumour Research joins Our Future Health

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Brain Tumour Research has become an affiliate charity of Our Future Health.

Our Future Health is an ambitious collaboration between the public, charity and private sectors to build the UK’s largest health research programme – bringing people together to develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat disease.

Dr Karen Noble, our Director of Research, Policy and Innovation, said: “We are excited to be partnering with Our Future Health. Sustainable and continuous research is key to finding new treatments and improving outcomes for brain tumour patients. This partnership brings new opportunities to further support research and get closer to achieving our vision of finding a cure for all types of brain tumours.”Our Future Health’s goal is to revolutionise the way we fight disease by collecting information from millions of volunteers across the UK to help researchers find ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases earlier.

Dr Raghib Ali, Chief Executive and Chief Medical Officer of Our Future Health, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Brain Tumour Research as an affiliate charity of Our Future Health. This partnership offers an exciting opportunity for us to work together to help those affected by brain tumours. The data and information provided may help make new discoveries about this devastating disease.”

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