Brain tumour mum pens book for her children

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A mum who is living with a brain tumour has published a book in the hope of “making memories” with her children.

Anna Binks was diagnosed with a suspected low-grade glioma in 2010 and was monitored with regular scans. Ten years later, when she began suffering with headaches and dizzy spells, Anna had another scan which found she had a diffuse astrocytoma.

The mum of two had surgery, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Her most recent scan showed an “area of concern”, and Anna is now awaiting further results.

Anna said: “I’m now in the third year of my three-to-four-year prognosis. My husband Phil and I try to protect our two children, Esme and Jacob, from what’s happening to their mum as much as possible, but of course they have seen things. I wrote the book for my children to help them understand and process what’s happening, but, more importantly, I wrote it so they would know how loved they are.”

Anna describes her book, Picture Me: My 3 and me, as “part fact, part fiction”. It is being sold on Amazon and Anna is hoping to put proceeds towards making memories with her children.

She added: “The book is based on my own real-life experiences of diagnosis and treatment, and shares tips to help other cancer patients. But it also brings in an element of fiction and manifestation where I live a life long enough to see my wonderful children grow into wonderful adults.

“I’m hoping to raise enough money to put towards some great days out with Esme and Jacob. They’re keen to get to America, but I’m not sure we’ll make that much! Even so, I want to show them that you should embrace opportunities and go for it anyway.”

To purchase Anna’s book, click here.

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