An Advent message from Dr Karen Noble

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On day 21 of our Advent Appeal, Dr Karen Noble, Director of Research, Policy and Innovation, celebrates our key achievements in brain tumour research over the past year. 

Brain Tumour Research is committed to funding research that will provide better outcomes for patients – and this has only been made possible through fundraising and donations from our dedicated supporters. 

On our journey to find a cure for all types of brain tumours, we proudly opened our fourth Research Centre of Excellence in September, located at the Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton, Surrey. Led by Professor Chris Jones, the team will be researching paediatric-type diffuse high-grade gliomas, which have a devastating prognosis for children and young people. 

We are delighted that one of our funded researchers, Dr Sara Badodi, at our Research Centre of Excellence at Queen Mary University in London, has successfully secured a lectureship position at the university. This will enable Sara to drive forward her own research ideas and build her own dedicated team. 

And we’ve also focused on accelerating treatments to help provide better outcomes for brain tumour patients. At our Centre of Excellence at Imperial College, London, we’ve made progress in the field of discovery research and we’re looking at how we can translate our findings from the laboratory into a clinical trial over the next couple of years. 

Finally, we’ve partnered with the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission on an exciting initiative called the BTR-NTA to speed up with the translation of potential therapeutics into impact for patients and the first three of these have received guidance from a panel of experts to support the path to clinical trials. 

Dr Noble said: “As a charity, we won't be able to continue to support these research activities and those that are promising for next year and the year after that, unless you donate and help us to fundraise.” 

Open door 21 of our Advent Appeal to watch Dr Noble’s message: 

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