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Thank you for visiting our partnership donations page.

Your gift today will help us find a cure for all types of brain tumours

  • A one-off donation to Brain Tumour Research will help us fund vital research at our Centres of Excellence, urgently needed to stop families being devastated by brain tumours


We are on a mission to increase the funding for UK-based research into all types of brain tumours.

Your donation today will support our scientists, helping them deliver game-changing results that could:

  • Combat paediatric brain tumours by ‘starving’ cancer cells to prevent harmful tumour growth in children
  • Create more personalised treatments for patients diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumour
  • Prevent the need for invasive surgery when identifying different types of meningioma brain tumour
  • Pioneer safer surgery, helping neurosurgeons remove more brain tumour tissue more effectively
  • Expand our range of research, giving more patients the hope of living longer with this disease

A gift of:
  • £10 could pay for a month of microplates, essential lab dishes used every day
  • £25 could pay for a Research Student to carry out crucial lab work for a morning
  • £100 could pay for an hour’s worth of co-ordinated experiments in the lab, run by a Senior Research Fellow
  • £150 could pay for a Research Nurse to make a collection of specific brain tumour tissue from hospital
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