Access to promising drug for low-grade glioma a “priority”

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Brain Tumour Research attended a meeting at Westminster to understand future access to Vorasidenib – a new drug which has shown promise in the treatment of low-grade glioma

The meeting was convened by Siobhain McDonagh MP, and she was joined by three other All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours (APPGBT) members, Daisy Cooper, Holly Mumby Croft and John McDonnell. Hugh Adams, our Head of Stakeholder Relations, represented the charity, which provides the secretariat to the APPGBT. 

Also in attendance were Florent Texier (Managing Director UK & Ireland) and Kelly Gomes (Medical Lead – Oncology) from Servier Laboratories.  

 They were asked to give the current picture regarding future access to Vorasidenib for UK low-grade glioma patients. The meeting began with Servier explaining that the trial results for Vorasidenib had enabled the trial to be concluded 18 months earlier than planned and that their “priority now was to give access to this drug” and that they were working tirelessly to do so.  

You can read a full update on Servier’s plans on our website here

This issue was taken forward by members of the APPGBT following a meeting in November during which they were addressed by Connor Emerton, who shared his brother Shay’s story and his family’s battle to access Vorasidenib. You can read more about that meeting here. 

Hugh Adams, our Head of Stakeholder Relations, said: “This is an important issue for many in our community and we can take many positives from this meeting with Servier. New therapeutics such as Vorasidenib bring much-needed hope. In our role as secretariat to the APPGBT we can work with supportive parliamentarians to challenge barriers and drive change so that these new drugs are available in the UK as soon as possible because brain tumour patients do not have the luxury of time.” 

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